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Here at All City Electrical we specialize in LED Lighting, Lighting Controls, Certified Energy Evaluations and Reporting. We are a turn-key establishment dedicated on delivering cost saving solutions that are custom tailored to meet the needs and budget of each project. From design to installation we handle all aspects in house with a team of  dedicated professionals that possess the knowledge and expertise to be able to give our clients the best products and services available. Our Certified Installers Guarantee to get the job done On-time and within Budget.


     Take a detailed inventory of all lighting in project scope. This includes quantity of fixtures, lamps, and ballasts, controls/occupancy sensors etc. for both interior and exterior spaces.

  • Record all existing light levels. 

  • Evaluate over-lit, and under-lit areas based on IES requirements and recommendations

  • Determine multiple solution options including: Re-Lamping/Ballast Replacement, Retro-Fitting, Fixture Replacement, and Control Options

  • Specify and Design Solutions

  • Identify current lighting maintenance requirements and costs 

Rebate Identification & Procurement

     Rebate filing can be a confusing and drawn out process. Mistakes can result in the loss of  available incentives all together.  Our experienced staff  will manage this process from start to finish and guarantee a place holder for funds prior to the commencement of  any project.

  • Identify and procure available Utility, State, and Federal rebate opportunities-LEU

  • Procure mock-ups/samples for approval

  • File, manage and submit all rebate paperwork

  • Apply for tax clearance certificates to ensure necessary pay-outs

  • Assists client with applying rebate monies efficiently to maximize on ROI

Design & Build

     From consulting, project estimation, lighting design & lay-out, installation and maintenance we  fully manage the entire process and project from beginning to end to make sure our clients needs and expectations are met in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Procure mock-ups/samples for approval

  • Develop timeline for project complement

  • Train staff on lighting control systems

  • Annual energy savings (kWh)

  • Annual energy savings ($)

  • Return on investment

  • Specs & design plan

  • 10 year life cycle cost, total cost of ownership

  • Staffing requirements

  • Environmental impact

  • Maintenance savings (material, labor, & recycling)

  • Cost of waiting

  • Solution photometry (If applicable)