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EV Charging

All City Electrical provides vehicle charging solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas. As licensed electricians, we can install any type of EV charging station. If you have already purchased a charger, we can install it for you. If you have not selected a charging solution, we can assist you in finding the right brand and model that fits your charging needs. We will verify your electrical panel can handle the additional load, provide load calculations, and one-line riser diagrams and we will upgrade and integrate any system that is not compatible. In addition to sales and installation, we provide rebate and grant procurement to help fund both residential and commercial EV charging installations. We offer turn-key installations to make every transaction seamless from start to finish. We install EV charging stations in Millburn NJ, Scotch Plains NJ, Westfield NJ, Cranford NJ, Maplewood NJ, South Orange NJ, Summit NJ & Surrounding areas.

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Safety First

With over 20 years in the industry, we are familiar with all building and electrical codes and standards. Some homes and businesses are not equipped to handle the additional electrical load needed for quickly charging an electric vehicle and may require a newer electrical panel or even a higher amperage service. We will complete a professional review and electrical load calculation to ensure a safe and proper installation takes place. When an upgrade is needed, we are experts at installing new panels and upgrading electrical services. We upgrade over 300 electrical services annually.

Levels of Chargers

There are three levels of chargers available, each with its own benefits.

Level 1 Plug-in Car Charging Stations

Many electric cars come equipped with chargers that work with typical 120V electrical receptacles. These chargers use less power so they will work on a basic circuit, but they take a much longer time to charge your electric vehicle than a “quick charging station.” Even if your car comes with a low-power charging option, you may want to consider using a dedicated 20-amp circuit to avoid tripping breakers or overloading circuits.

Level 2 (240V) Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers

A Level 2 Residential Home Charging Station uses 240-volt split phase power from your home’s main electrical panel to recharge your electric car in four to eight hours, depending on the type of station and vehicle. While all residential Level 2 chargers use the same voltage (a measure of electrical potential), the amount of power transferred to your car per hour can vary depending on the amperage (a measure of electrical strength).

Level 3 DC Charging Stations

Level 3 charging, also known as DC Fast Charging, bypasses the AC charging system and plugs directly into the battery. There is no AC to DC conversion required and the time to charge a battery is significantly reduced from the 10 or 20 hours required by Level 1 charging to about 20 minutes.

EV Charging Financing Programs

A summary of all current New Jersey electric vehicle incentives and funding opportunities, plus relevant laws, regulations, and other initiatives related to alternative fuels, vehicles, advanced technologies, or air quality can be found here.

Enel-X/Juice Box Distribution Partner

As a premier Enel-X/Juice Box Distribution Partner we are able to provide Wholesale Pricing below E-Commerce and Big Box Suppliers, provide delivery, shipping and in-store pick-up services accompanied by superior customer service. We stock Level 2 Chargers that are ready for immediate delivery or pick-up.

Tesla Wall Connector Approved Electrician

As a proud partner and certified home charging representative, we are fully committed to providing a high-level customer service experience. Our trained staff is here to ensure your installation meets and exceeds all national and local codes and standards. You can count on:

  • Our office staff to verify your vehicle type along with charging preference and schedule a convenient time to meet for a complimentary on-site consultation.
  • One of our experienced technicians to evaluate your current electrical system and its demands. We will then design and layout your installation based on your selected charging preference.
  • Us to apply and secure any necessary permits, schedule your installation, and any applicable inspections. Once your installation is completed all your equipment will be fully commissioned, tested, and certified for ready-for-use status.
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What to Expect With All City Electric

All of our services are provided with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Paying close attention to detail and always maintaining a clear line of communication ensures your project will be completed on-time and within budget.

  • Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Service
  • Your Safety is Our Top Priority
  • Upfront Pricing & Detailed Estimates
  • All Work is Guaranteed
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When you work with All City Electrical, you are guaranteed to receive top-quality products from our exceptional supply line.

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